The Michigan State Numismatic Society

David Bleicher - Kennedy Half Dollars - The coin you only thought you knew


  Kennedy half dollars are unique in many ways.  It is perhaps the best example of American nationalism affecting coinage.  Never before or again would the  decision to create a coin be made so suddenly, new coins introduced so swiftly, or a design that should have been minted for at least ten more years get replaced so abruptly, all revolving around public sentiment toward an assassinated president.  

     Join David Bleicher as we examine the coin’s timeline, from its inception, design, and minting, along with its varieties, collecting, and the impact the Kennedy half dollar had on coin collecting.  This presentation is a great start for newer to intermediate collectors, yet interesting enough to surprise the advanced collector.  Dust off your Kennedy album and prepare  to get re-introduced to a coin you only thought you knew.  

Jeff Paunicka - Advanced Currency Collecting 2018

The currency marketplace is a dynamic set of pricing tools, collecting strategies and resource buying guides. It is constantly changing which means, unless your involved day to day with the market, your missing something that can cost you in the long run. This presentation is designed to review the fundamentals of currency collecting yet identify the advanced tools to use and key tips in the market that will help you build a winning collection and save you while doing so. If your seriously into collecting currency, you need to experience this presentation. It will be a valuable 45 minutes you do not want to miss.

1, Fundamental Review

Valuable Resources - no money to burn

Collecting Vs Accumulations

3 R’s - Read Research Resources

Currency Valuation Parameters

2. Resources - our tools

Publications - Advertising/Editiorals/Players

Auctions - Heritage, Stacks & Bowers, eBay, Knight

Trade Shows - Large, Regional, Local

Software - Track & Price

Face to Face with Collectors

Dealer Discussions


Professional Organizations PCDA, SPMC

3. Discussions By US Type

4. Specific Market Considerations

5. Application to your needs

6. Quiz

Ernie Nagy - The Satire of  Hard Times Tokens

Hard Times Tokens were issued during the era of Andrew Jackson.  This presentation will explore the

economic environment which resulted in the need for coin substitutes; and the political environment which shaped

the taunting mottos and legends on these pieces.  If you appreciate both numismatics and history,

you will enjoy learning more about Hard Times Tokens.     

Convention Schedule

Thursday, November 22

Dealer Packet Pickup     3:30 PM –   6:30 PM Dealer Registration Desk

Dealer Set-Up                 3:30 PM –   6:45 PM Expo Hall

Friday, November 23

Dealer Set-up/Packet Pickup    8:00 AM – 10:00 AM Expo Hall

Exhibitor Set-up                        8:00 AM -  10:00 AM Exhibit Area

Public Registration                 10:00 AM  -   5:30 PM Registration Desk

Bourse & Exhibits             10:00 AM  -   6:00 PM Expo Hall

Les Rosik - The Circulating Coins of The Second Republic of Poland from 1923-1939  1:00-2:00 PM Saturday Macomb Room


Saturday, November 24

Dealer Set-up           8:00 AM – 10:00 AM Expo Hall

Exhibit Judging        8:00 AM  Exhibit Area

Public Registration   10:00 AM – 5:30 PM Registration Desk

Bourse & Exhibits    10:00 AM – 6:00 PM Expo Hall

Paper Money Collectors Meeting   10:00 AM – 11:15 AM Macomb Room

MSNS Appraisal Road Show         11:00 AM –    1:00 PM Breakfast Area

Y.N. Program                                  11:30 AM –    1:00 PM Macomb Room

MSNS Board Meeting     6:30 PM  –  9:30 PM Macomb Room Saturday Evening.

Sunday,  November 25

Dealer Set-Up       8:00 AM – 10:00 AM Expo Hall

Recognition Breakfast (Invitation Only)    8:30 AM – 10:00 AM Breakfast Area

Public Registration    10:00 AM –   2:30 PM Registration Desk

Bourse and Exhibits    10:00 AM –   3:00 PM Expo Hall

 Les will have a PowerPoint presentation with a lot of wonderful coins from this era.

Dany Rothfeld - Errors on Small Size U.S. Banknotes  3:00-4:00 PM Saturday Macomb Room

This power point presentation will show how our currency is printed at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP).  We will also discuss some of its history.

It will show various error notes from my collection.  The presentation will explain how these errors occurred.

Questions can be asked at any time.