The Michigan State Numismatic Society

Silent Auction Fall 2020 with proceeds going to the Young Numismatist Fund.  A special thank you to all the dealers and members who have contributed to this for the kids.

Rowley's Auction Service is donating their time and resources to put man the table and conduct the sale of the Silent auction to raise money for the YN Program


Items will be in the YN auction, some items will be bundled with other items.

1986 US Liberty 2 Coin Proof set Dollar and Half Dollar

1986 2 Coin Proof Set Marshall Islands, Dollar and Half Dollar

1967 SMS NGC Slabbed MS65 Red Cent

1959 NGC Slabbed PF66 Quarter

1963 NGC Slabbed PF65 Franklin Half

1974 S  Eisenhower 1$ Silver Proof No Brown Box

1876 PCGS Genuine Cleaned XF Details Quarter

1942 PCGS MS65 Mercury Dime

1962 PCGS AU55 Franklin Half

1808 East India Company 10 cash Madras Presidency KM-320 Genuine NGC Certified Admiral Gardner Shipwreck Certification

1993 Silver Eagle (raw)

1 oz. Buffalo Round Silver .999

Unc. 2004 Lewis and Clark Coinage and Currency Set (Unopened)

1973 S  Eisenhower Silver Proof No Brown Box (Milky)

1972 S Unc Blue Eisenhower in Envelope

1974 S Unc Blue Eisenhower in Envelope

1999-2000-2001 Quarter sets Clad 3 Sets, 1 Philly, 1 Set Denver, 1 Set layered in Platiunum. (Cable shopping network)

Silver Nickel Mintmark collection  1945P/1943D/1944S

1978 Proof Set (Black Case)

1996 US Mint Premier Silver Proof Set in Black Box

1991 Proof Set no Box

1 oz. Silver North American Legions Bucks and Bulls

Dansco Type Set Book 7070 NEW IN PLASTIC

1997 China S10Y Unicorn MS69 NGC

1924 D Lincoln Cent raw

1909 S Lincoln Cent raw

1924 D Lincoln Cent raw

1865 2 cent piece raw

1964 Canadian Silver Dollar

1966 PCGS PL65 Canada Large Beads Silver Dollar

1954 Franklin Half raw

1965 Kennedy Half raw

1915 D Barber Quarter raw

6 Mercury Dimes 1940-1941-1942-1943-1944-1945 raw

1 oz Englehart Silver Bar

1964 Canadian Proof Like Set in Capital set.

1999 SBA Proof Dollar Proof

1996 Mint Set

1989 Mint Set

2-2019 P and D Mint Sets No Boxes

2-2019 D Mint Set No Boxes

50 State Quarters and Euro Coin Collection 2002

US Coins Closeup Book

Top 50 Most popular modern Coins Book

Confederate Currency facsimile

1982 Silver Commerative George Washinton Proof Half

US Mint First Flight Cenntenial Commeraitve coin prgram Unc Half

Whitman  lincoln cent collection Partial 1941-

Library of Coins US Commerative Coins Album 1, 2 And 3

Library of Coins Buffalo Coin Album

Group of Foreign Coins (10 various)

Whitman Album, Seattle worlds fair century 21 Expo. 1962  Official Medals complete (Copper?)

1999-2002 Quarters Denver is platinum plated, Philly is Gold plated

1 oz 2013 Canadian Maple Leave reverse Silver Proof

2011 Trump Coin

Donald Trump make America Great Again Medal

BOOK - 1972 25th Silver Anniversary Redbook

BOOK- Counterfeit Mistruck and unofficial US Coins by Don Taxay

BOOK - ANA Counterfeit Detection

BOOK - Detecting Countfeit Gold Coins Book 2

BOOK - Price Guide to Mint Errors by Alan Herbert

BOOK - Stacks Bowers Catalog Nov 2019 Comitia Americana and Related Metals

BOOK - Standard Catalog of world Paper Money Vol. 2 6th edition

Peace Sign bank made in Japan Ceramic

1982 George Washington Proof Half Silver

Littleton Album for SBA Dollars 1979-1981 has 1999 SBA and 2000 Sac Dollar coins in it

3 Gold plated statehood quarter sets. 2000, 2001, 2002

Donald Trump Medal

Fake California gold token set.

2 book Set ANA Centennial History by Q David Bowers. VOL 1 and 2 hard bound

5 coin copper medals 1 oz Dragons

Harry Potter Isle of Man 1 Crown

1928 5 Dollar Red Seal Note

NGC Stacks West 57th Street Collection 1918 Walking Liberty Half Genuine

NGC Stacks West 57th Street Collection 1948 Franklin Half Genuine

NGC Stacks West 57th Street Collection 1916D Barber Quarter Genuine

NGC 2015S 5 cent early releases 14-coin soilver proof set PR69 UC Nickel

NGC 2nd Presdient John Adams 2007D One Dollar BU 1st day of issue

Dansco Album Lincoln Cent 1909-2006 Good Condition

Dansco Album Liberty Dime 1892-1916 Good Condition

Dansco Album Peace Dollar 1921-1935 Good Condition

Dansco Album Franklin Halves 1948-1963 Good Condition

Dansco Album Morgan Dollars 1891-1921 Good Condition

Whitman Album Silver Eagles 1986- Good Condition


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