Meeting of the Board 6:00 PM, November 28, 2009

                                                         Hyatt Regency, Dearborn         



                                                                                GOAL TIME

   I.       Call to Order                                                   Parks                                                1 Minute


  II.      Roll Call                                                           LeBlanc                                            1 Minute


 III.     Introduction of visitors                               Parks                                   2 Minutes


 IV.     Invocation                                                       LeBlanc                                            2 Minutes


   V.    Minutes of Sept. 20                                        LeBlanc                                            5 Minutes


VI.     Additions to Agenda                                    Board                                 2 Minutes


VII.    Approve Agenda                                         Board                                   1 Minute


VIII.    Director Absences                                          LeBlanc                                            3 Minutes

           ( C. Fenwick, 1st, M. Strub, 1st, Bob Lusch, 3rd, Dan Freeland 1st. absence )

IX.     Appointments (If any)                                        Parks                                            3 Minutes                                            

  X.    Membership Comments                                    Parks                                             5 Minutes


  XI.   Officer Reports

          A.  President                                                    Parks                                              5 Minutes


          B.  Vice President                                            Bobrofsky                       2 Minutes


          C.  Secretary-Treasurer                                   LeBlanc                                         10 Minutes                 

                   1.  Review Current Financials 

                                a. Regular 

                                Checking Account (Nov 11, 2009) $31.100 approx. 

                                New Liberty Bank:  Demand Savings .4% $27,725      

                                            b. Life      

                                        CD  $25K   4.0%    Matures, Nov. 09

                                  CD  $50K  4.1% Matures, 03/10

                                  Savings Account $27365

                           c. Cash Reserve

                              New Liberty Bank Demand Savings $10k  .4%

                                d.   Pruchnicki Inheritance 

                                1. New Liberty Bank CD   2.8 % Matures Nov. 09    $3655.

                                e. Encumbered Funds

                                1.  $5000 ANA seminar April 2010

                                   2.  $10,000 ($2500 paid) ANA Schook Donation

                                       (Sec/Treas will request to pay $7,500 so as to clear our books)

                          f. Investment of Life Funds.

                                     (Direction issue:  Preferred Stock Detroit Edison ~7.5% or

                                                                 Multiple year Long term CD ~3%) 


                     2.   Membership Report 

                        a.   Member Totals               RM 760, YN 60, CLUBS 25, HLM 19, LM 375                                       3. Property Report                   

     4.  2009 Budget                                        LeBlanc                        2 Minutes    

      5.  Fall 09 Budget                                    LeBlanc                        5 Minutes  

      6.  Correspondence                                  LeBlanc                        3 Minutes

      7.  2007 Sales Tax Refund                      LeBlanc                         1 Minutes

      8.  Spring 2010 Proposed budget            LeBlanc                           3 Minutes

XII. Committee Reports      

           A. Exhibit                                                        Passic 

           B.  Webmaster Report                                    Marotta

           C. Auctions                                                      Summerell               

 D.  Past Presidents                                           Ann Bobrofsky

 E.  Mich-Matist                                          Rothfeld

 F.  Publicity                                                   Strub                                         

           G.  Membership                                              Chandler          

                 (Please read enclosed letter from Chandler)           

           H. Conv./Manual Revision                            Al Bobrofsky                  

            I. Club Outreach/Communication Clubs      Wostyn

            J.   Education                                                 Pall

            K.  Finance                                                    Parks

            L. Dealer                                                        Dennany

XIII.   Old Business                  

             A.  Schlag Memorial Update            Al Bobrofsky                  2 Minutes                                                                                                                              B.  MSNS Attire                                          LeBlanc                              1 Minute

             C.  Suburban Detroit Coin Show                  Wostyn                         3 Minutes

             D.  ANA Seminar Spring 10                         LeBlanc                        5 Minutes

                  (need to firm up 1 day or 2 day)

             E.  Mini Show Update                                   Wostyn                        3 Minutes

             F.  Dealer Packet Contents                            Wostyn                        5 Minutes

              G. Dealer survey why stopped

                   Attending convention                             Wostyn                         5 Minutes

             H.   Badges, Dealers Lanyard                       Wostyn                        5 Minutes

                  1.  Photo IDís                                           Henderson

             I.   Co-Host Awards                                       LeBlanc                      5 Minutes

             J.  CSNS Show in Michigan                          LeBlanc                      2 Minutes

             K.  ANA Show in Michigan                          LeBlanc                      2 Minutes

             L.  ICTA membership (tabled 9/09)              LeBlanc                      7 Minutes

             M.  Waiting period for  any non-budget        Bobrofsky                   5 Minutes

                    Spending request (Tabled 9/09)

             N. A.  VCR Library to DVD                          LeBlanc                      2 Minutes

             O.  VCR Loan to Members                            LeBlanc                      2 Minutes


XIV. New Business

          A. Counterfeit coin concerns                           Dennany                     5 Minutes

          B.  CSNS Election Ballot                                LeBlanc                      2 Minutes

                  (4 Michigan running, vote for 3)

          C.  MSNS Election                                           LeBlanc                     1 Minutes

          D. 2009 Taxes Hire Accountant                       LeBlanc                     2 Minutes

          E.  Insurance Renewals                                     LeBlanc                     2 Minutes

               1.  E/O up to $1250

               2.  Liability up to $900

               3.  Bond up to $500

         F.  Storage Yard Renewal (up to $1400)        LeBlanc                       2 Minutes

         G.  Membership Dues (increase?)                  LeBlanc                       5 Minutes

         H.  Purchase of exhibit awards in advance     LeBlanc                       5 Minutes

         I. Annex Traffic Concerns                             Chirco                           5 Minutes

         J.  Early entry for members Ė bourse             Chandler                       5 Minutes

        K. Proposal to suspend free books to              Chandler                       3 Minutes

                 New members 

              (Sec/Trea note: books already purchased per motion 9/09)

        L. Proposal to give all new YNís  book(s)      Chandler                       3 Minutes

        M.  Proposal to give YN Pages free book(s)     Chandler                     3 Minutes


         N. __________________________________________

         O. __________________________________________


XV.      Board Member Comments                                                                         5 Minutes

XVI.    General Membership Comments                                                                2 Minutes                         

XVII.   Adjourn