Meeting of the Board 6:00 PM, April 24, 2010

Hyatt Regency, Dearborn


                                                GOAL TIME

   I.       Call to Order                                              Parks                                 1 Minute


  II.      Roll Call                                                      LeBlanc                              1 Minute


 III.     Introduction of visitors                              Parks                         2 Minutes


 IV.     Invocation                                                   LeBlanc                              2 Minutes


   V.    Minutes of Feb. 6, 2010                             LeBlanc                              5 Minutes


VI.     Additions to Agenda                                   Board                                  3 Minutes


VII.    Approve Agenda                                         Board                                 1 Minute


VIII.    Director Absences                                                   LeBlanc                                          3 Minutes

          (Director absences in the current term were enumerated: Al Bobrofsky 1,  Freeland 1,

            Lusch 4, Strub 1,  Fenwick 1)

IX.     Appointments (If any)                         Parks                               3 Minutes

  X.    Membership Comments                        Parks                             8 Minutes


  XI.   Officer Reports

          A.  President                                                 Parks                                 5 Minutes


          B.  Vice President                                        Bobrofsky                            2 Minutes


          C.  Secretary-Treasurer                                LeBlanc                             10 Minutes                 

                   1.  Review Current Financials 

                        a. Regular 

                                Checking Account (April 7, 2010) $15035 Approx.

                                New Liberty Bank:  Demand Savings .4% $17937

                                    b. Life      

                             CD  $50K   3.4%    Matures, 12/14

                                  CD $25K 1.5% Matures 03/11

                                  CD $25K 2.0% Matures 03/12

                                  Savings Account $3622

                           c. Cash Reserve New Liberty Demands Savings .4% $10K

                        d.   Pruchnicki Inheritance        

                                1. New Liberty Bank CD   1.45 % Matures 05/10    $3749.

                          e. Encumbered Funds

                                1.  $5000 ANA seminar April 2010

                   2.   Membership Report    

                        a.   Member Totals       RM 638 YN 72, CLUBS 22, HLM 19, LM 377 Total 1128

                        b.   Life Applicants                 None                 

                   3. Property Report                         

     4.  Spring 10 Budget                                   LeBlanc                        2 Minutes

     5.  2010 Budget                                         LeBlanc                     5 Minutes

     6. Correspondence                                  LeBlanc                        3 Minutes

XII. Committee Reports          

           A. Exhibit                                                       Passic 

           B.  Webmaster Report                                    Marotta

           C. Auctions                                          Summerell                    

           D.  Past Presidents                                           Ann Bobrofsky

E.  Mich-Matist                                           Rothfeld

F.  Publicity                                                    Strub                                

           G.  Membership                                              Chandler

           H. Conv./Manual Revision                            Al Bobrofsky             

            I. Club Outreach/Communication Clubs      Wostyn

            J.   Education                                                 Pall

            K.  Finance                                                    Parks

            L. Dealer                                                       Friedman

XIII.   Old Business                       

             A.  Schlag Memorial Update               Al Bobrofsky           2 Minutes

             B. MSNS Attire                                            LeBlanc                      1 Minute

             C.  ANA Seminar Spring 10                         LeBlanc                        5 Minutes

             D.  Mini Show Update                                  Wostyn                         3 Minutes

             E.  MSNS Election                                        LeBlanc                        2 Minute

             F.  ICTA Status                                             Rothfeld                        5 Minutes

            G.  CSNS DVD Program                               LeBlanc                         2 Minutes

             H.  Old Dealers with credit                           Friedman/LeBlanc         3 Minutes

             I.  YN Life Refund                                        LeBlanc                         3 Minutes

             J.  CSNS Ballot                                             LeBlanc                         1 Minute

 XIV. New Business

           A.  Safe Deposit Box Signer                           LeBlanc                        2 Minutes

           B.  Safe Deposit Box Key                               LeBlanc                        2 Minutes

           C.  Hatie Medal Donate to Mich-Tams           LeBlanc                        2 Minutes

           D. Grand Rapids site presentation                   Dennany                       3 Minutes

           E.  Back Up Site Plan                            Dennany                       5 Minutes

           F.  Finance Position                                         Dennany                       3 Minutes

          G.  Membership no dues drop date                   LeBlanc                        3 Minutes

          H.  Out State Relevance                                   Chandler                       3 Minutes

           I.  Co Host Awards                                          LeBlanc                        5 Mintes

          J.  Wayne Club Multi-Yr. Dues               LeBlanc                        3 Minutes

         K. _____________________________________

         L. _____________________________________

         M. _____________________________________

         N. _____________________________________

         O. _____________________________________


XV.   Board Member Comments                                                                5 Minutes

XVI. General Membership Comments                                                        2 Minutes                          

XVII. Adjourn