Meeting of the Board


Valley Plaza Resort, Best Western, Midland

September 11, 2010: 2:00 PM


Agenda Item and   GOAL TIME

I. Call to Order Parks 1 Minute

II. Roll Call LeBlanc 1 Minute

III. Introduction of visitors Parks 2 Minutes

IV. Invocation LeBlanc 2 Minutes

V. Minutes of April 24, 2010 LeBlanc 5 Minutes

VI. Additions to Agenda Board 3 Minutes

VII. Approve Agenda Board 1 Minute

VIII. Director Absences LeBlanc 1 Minutes

(Director absences in the current term: Al Bobrofsky 1, Freeland 1,

Strub 1, Fenwick 1)

IX. Appointments (If any) Parks 3 Minutes

    A. Sekulich appointed July 2010, Approved by Board on mail ballot 7 yes, 1 no, 1 abstain

    B. Hospitality Chair

X. Membership Comments Parks 5 Minutes

XI. Officer Reports

    A. President Parks 5 Minutes

    B. Vice President Bobrofsky 2 Minutes

    C. Secretary-Treasurer LeBlanc 10 Minutes

    New Liberty Bank failed and was reopened as Bank of Ann Arbor. They reduced our CD rates.

    1. Review Current Financials

        a. Regular Checking Account (August 23, 2010) $25096 Approx.

        b. Life

            CD $50K 3.4% Matures, 12/14

            CD $25K 1.% Matures 03/11

            CD $25K 1.5% Matures 03/12

        Savings Account $3251

        c. Cash Reserve Bank of Ann Arbor Demands Savings .4% $10K

        d. Pruchnicki Inheritance

            1. Moved to general funds

            2. Membership Report

                a. Member Totals RM 745 YN 90, CLUBS 26, HLM 19, LM 377 Total 1257

                b. Life Applicants None

            3. Property Report

            4. Spring 10 Report LeBlanc 5 Minutes

            5. 2010 Report LeBlanc 5 Minutes

            6. Correspondence LeBlanc 3 Minutes

            7. Mail ballot RE: August meeting LeBlanc 2 Minutes

            8. FUN Table LeBlanc 2 Minutes

            9. Michigan Annual Report LeBlanc 1 Minute

            10. Fall 10 Status LeBlanc 2 Minutes

XII. Committee Reports

    A. Exhibit Passic

    B. Webmaster Report Marotta

    C. Auctions Summerell

    D. Past Presidents Ann Bobrofsky

    E. Mich-Matist Rothfeld

    F. Publicity Strub

    G. Membership Chandler

    H. Conv./Manual Revision Al Bobrofsky

    I. Club Outreach/Communication Clubs Wostyn

    J.  Education Pall

    K. Finance Parks

    L. Dealer Friedman

        a. J. H. Cline Discussion LeBlanc

        b. Dealer Survey (Spring 10) Friedman

        c. Dealer Meeting (Fall 10) Friedman

XIII. Old Business

    A. Schlag Memorial Update Al Bobrofsky 2 Minutes

    B. ANA Seminar Spring 10 LeBlanc 5 Minutes

    C. MSNS Election Update LeBlanc 2 Minute

    D. ICTA Report Rothfeld 5 Minutes

    E. Old Dealers with credit Friedman/LeBlanc 3 Minutes

    F. Safe Deposit Box Signer LeBlanc 2 Minutes

    G. Safe Deposit Box Key LeBlanc 2 Minutes

    H. Exp. Over $500 Motion (from table) Rothfeld 5 Minutes

XIV. New Business

    A. Co Host Awards LeBlanc 5 Minutes

        Spring 11: Req. from: Birmingham/Huron Valley/Lansing/Livingston

        Fall 11: Req. from: Birmingham

        Spring 12: Req. from: 0

        Fall 12: Req. from: Northwest Detroit CC 50th Anniversary

        Any Available: Req. from Windsor Coin Club

    B. Set Spring 11 Bourse Fee Le Blanc 7 Minutes

    C. Membership dues change LeBlanc 7 Minutes

    D. Book for New Members LeBlanc 2 Minutes

    E. Book for Renewing Members LeBlanc 2 Minutes

    F. Spring 11 Education Seminar Parks 8 Minutes

    G. Spring 12 Location LeBlanc 15 Minutes

    H. Suburban Detroit Coin Show 1/2011 Wostyn 3 Minutes

    I. Dealer Fruit Issues Wostyn 3 Minutes

    J. _____________________________________

    K. _____________________________________

    L. _____________________________________

    M. _____________________________________

XV. Board Member Comments 5 Minutes

XVI. General Membership Comments 2 Minutes

XVII. Adjourn


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