Meeting of the Board 1:45 pm, July 29, 2012

Main Lansing Library, Lansing, MI 48933


I. Call to Order Parks

II. Roll Call LeBlanc

III. Introduction of visitors Parks

IV. Invocation LeBlanc

V. Minutes of April 28, 2012 LeBlanc

VI. Additions to Agenda Board

  1. Approve Agenda Board

  1. Report of mail ballot Irick appointment

President Parks appointed Brett Irick to a vacant seat on the board as a director. His appointment was approved in a mail vote 11-0.

IX. Report of mail ballot on changing date of Fall 2012 convention

Motion: Due to circumstances beyond our control, the MSNS board hereby orders our fall convention date be changed to Oct 11-14, 2012 and that the location be the Dearborn Hyatt. The executive committee and convention coordinator are authorized to progress on this path.

Motion was defeated, 11-1

X. Report of mail ballot on Fall 2012 convention contract

Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is acknowledged that our November 2012 convention is at risk of cancellation or a venue change. the MSNS board hereby expresses their desire to give Royal Realties until September 1st, 2012 before we consider a venue change.

XI. Director Absences LeBlanc

(Strub 1, Sharpe 2, Ewald 1, Pall 1)

XII. Membership Comments Parks

XIII. Appointments Parks

XIV. Executive Session request LeBlanc

Review contracts for future conventions Sirna

Review non-viable convention sites Wostyn

Review viable convention site Wostyn

Review Bourse Fee LeBlanc

XV. Board Member Comments

XVI. General Membership Comments

XVII. Adjourn