Meeting of the Board 6:30 PM, November 24, 2012

Holiday Inn – Van Dyke, Warren


I. Call to Order Parks

II. Roll Call LeBlanc

III. Introduction of visitors Parks

IV. Invocation LeBlanc

V. Approve Minutes

A: Minutes of Sept. 29, 2012 LeBlanc

B: Report on Nov. 4, 2012 Conf. Call

VI. Additions to Agenda Board

VII. Approve Agenda Board

VIII. Director Absences LeBlanc

(Absences - current term: Sharpe 3, Chandler 1, Ewald 1, Fenwick 2, Marzilli 2, Pall 1, Strub 1, Rothfeld 1)

IX Appointments (If any) Parks

X. Membership Comments Parks

XI. Election Report Heller

XII. Financial Review 2011 by CPA LeBlanc

XIII. Officer Reports

A. President Parks

B. Vice President Bobrofsky

C. Secretary-Treasurer LeBlanc

XIV. Review Current Financials

a. Regular

Checking Account (Nov. 13, 2012) $26376. Approx.

b. Life

CD $50K 3.4% Matures, 12/14

CD $25K 1% Matures 12/13

Savings Account $3903

$1000 Face Silver (Bought at $28600)

c. Cash Reserve Flagstar Bank Demand Savings .2% $10K

2. Membership Report

a. RM 709, YN 90, CLUBS 27, HLM 22, LM 382 Total of 1230 (Down 18 vs Fall 2011)

b. New Life Application ~Richard Guzior and George Harrison III and Douglas Merenda

3. Property Report

4. 2012 Budget LeBlanc

5. Fall 12 Budget LeBlanc

6. Spring 2013 Proposed budget LeBlanc

7. Correspondence LeBlanc

XV. Committee Reports

A. Exhibit Passic

B. Relocation – Spring 13 Bobrofsky

1. Venue

2. Contract

3. Bourse Fee

4. Conv. Coordinator

C. Webmaster Report LeBlanc

D. Auctions Friedman (Pro Tem)

E. Past Presidents Ann Bobrofsky

F. Mich-Matist/Web Media Al Bobrofsky

G Publicity Chirco

H. Membership Sharpe

1. New members of local clubs

2. New YN members of local clubs

3. Table space at MSNS for local clubs

4. Mailing list for local clubs

I. Convention Malnar

J.  Education Pall

  K. Finance Parks

L. Dealer Friedman

M. Bylaw Revision Bobrofsky

XVI. Old Business

A. Schlag Memorial Update Al Bobrofsky B. Co-Host Awards LeBlanc

C. ICTA report Rothfeld

XVII. New Business

A. 2012 Taxes Hire Accountant LeBlanc

B. Insurance Renewal LeBlanc

1. E/O up to $1500

2. Liability up to $1500

3. Bond up to $600

C. Storage Yard Renewal (up to $1500) LeBlanc

D. Checking Account Signers LeBlanc

E. Member Complaint (Possible Executive session)

F. ______________________________________

G. _______________________________________

H. ______________________________________

XVIII. Board Member Comments

XIX. General Membership Comments

XX. Adjourn