Meeting of the Board of Directors                     4pm, April 16, 2005     Hyatt Regency, Dearborn


I.        Call to Order                      – President Finger  4:15pm

II.     Roll Call                             – Mike Strub

Present:  Kelly Finger, Ann Bobrofsky, Michael Marotta, Greg Guseff (4:40), Dr. Parks, Robert Lusch,

  Mike Denany, Bill Summerell, Dany Rothfeld, Steve Marzilli, Larry Sekulich, Joe LeBlanc, Mike Strub.

Missing:  Steve Friedman, Greg Guseff, Tracy Tabor

III.   Introduction of Visitors       – President Finger

A.                 Tom Klunzinger, Rita Jean Sledz, Marge Stroshine, Florence Schook, Mary Gail Beneteau, Frank Passic,

Ray Dillard, Steve Bieda, Mark Benvenuto, Al Bobrofsky, Don Charters, Brian Malnar, Bill Ewald

IV.  Invocation                          – Joe LeBlanc

V.     Minutes of Jan 30, 2005     – Joe LeBlanc

A.                 Mike Marotta moved, Dr. Parks seconded a motion to approve the minutes – motion passed.

VI.  Additions to Agenda                       – Board

VII.            Approve Agenda                      – Board                       

Dr. Parks moved, Mike Marotta seconded a motion to approve the agenda – motion passed.

A.                 Scout Program – Mark Benvenuto

        Mark, a certified Boy Scout Merit Badge counselor, wants to have a one hour Coin Collecting Merit Badge clinic for Boy Scouts.    Mark needs from MSNS:  a room and small tables.  He can run it for 10 scouts, but wants help.  He will ask for other counselors from Boy Scouts, but can use the help of some volunteers.  There is no need for coins to be provided, the boys do this themselves; current requirements emphasize coins from circulation.  Mark feels it is wise to usually start small with these clinics, and then work upward.  This is for the November show, not the August show.  It would work under the YN program.  Mike Marotta moved, and Dr. Parks seconded, this motion:  “That we have a scout merit badge program and that Mark Benvenuto coordinate it for the fall 2005 convention.”  - motion passed.

B.                 Education         – Pat Heller

-         Pat wants to promote the use of coins for education in the Lansing area; he suggested that we could have the ANA host a “Coins in the Classroom” activity in Lansing – a 3-day class for teachers – that has been done in some other non-Colorado cities.  There would be no cost to MSNS, and none to the teachers except for travel.  Pat is asking if MSNS could be associated with this as a (non-monetary) supporter.  These classes are held when school is out of session; one in Florida happened at the end of December or beginning of January.  Pat requested a sense of the club if we could support this activity.  Mike Marotta moved, and Bill Summerell seconded a motion that we support the “Coins in the Classroom” activity for Christmas 2005 or Summer 2006;  and that we receive a report at our Thanksgiving board meeting – motion passed.

-         There is a correlative CSNS educational program that is beginning. 

-         CSNS show – Pat suggested that we have the main sponsors of the 1999 coin sales tax exemption to ceremonially cut the ribbon – or alternatively that we invite the Governor (though it is not likely we’d succeed) – with the purpose to inform the legislature that this show is made possible by that exemption, and that it is good for the Michigan economy.  President Finger recommended that Pat work with Mike Marotta, our publicity chair.

C.                 Felix Schlag Memorial – Steven Bieda / Al Bobrofsky

-         Felix Schlag, of Owosso, was a member of MSNS in the 1960’s.  He and his wife are now buried in Owosso.  Steve has checked with directors of their cemetery – Oak Hills, and they are amenable to his proposal to raise money to build a memorial to Felix as the designer of the Jefferson nickel, with MSNS being mentioned prominently.  This is timely since the Schlag design will be ended after 2005, most likely.  Cost likely to be less than $1000, including the stone and the minor landscaping required.  Funding would be though donors, not MSNS, but MSNS would lend its name.  There is no family – no children, no known relatives.  Mike Marotta moved, and Mike Denany second, a motion “That MSNS ask Al Bobrofsky and Steven Bieda to be tasked to honor Felix Schlag as described in an appropriate manner and report back to the board at the Thanksgiving board meeting.”  - motion passed.

50th ANNIVERSARY MEDAL – Steven Bieda

-         Steven has offered to do a design.  He suggests that a design that would both be about the history of our club and be marketable would honor Felix Schlag and would depict him as well as his nickel.  For further discussion, see further on in these minutes.  Steven’s designs will be available to us to view only if there is not a design competition.

D.                 Taxes 2004 Status – Joe LeBlanc

-         Jack Huggins prepared our 990 form from last year.  President Finger wanted them reviewed, so he introduced accountant Tom Colson, who works for Liberty coins. 

-         Tom Colson gave his report.  He is encouraged by the financial statements and the return, and has mainly cosmetic suggestions.  These are informational returns, regarding the public record. 

1) Classification of expenses:  awards expenses should be a program expense rather than a function expense, due to it’s correlation to our exempt status. 

2) Statement of functional expenses (expense statement dealing with program and general management expenses) – there is an option to separate these kinds of expenses; we should not be doing this separation, it should be a total on the second page – in terms of giving the IRS only the information it asks for. 

3) Program service accomplishments has an optional area for showing program expenses; delete it because it is optional. 

4) Program service accomplishments themselves – more detail would be good. 

5) Ballot sheet – technically incorrect fund balance – reported on return as FAS 117 erroneously; should move retained earnings line down to line that says retained earnings. 

6) Part 5 lists officers, directors, trustees, key employees:  IRS would like to know average hours that board members devote to their positions – we should provide this as the IRS is very specific in requiring it. 

7) Question in part 6 for general information about the society – did the organization have unrelated business gross income of $1k or more?  Our answer was no – but selling advertising is such an income that might potentially be taxed in the future.  Though there is no profit here due to the cost of the publication, this could theoretically be changed in the future. 

8) Part 6 other information lines 85 and on – refers to different organizations – this is a 501(c)7 organization – our answers are no, should be n/a. 

9) Part 8 – statement has some grammatical errors.

-         Tom concluded by suggesting that we work with the person who prepared the return to correct the current return, to use as an example to prepare correct returns in the future.  Joe LeBlanc wanted Jack Huggins and Tom Colson to work together on this.  Some felt that Jack Huggins may have reasons for some of these things, as he has prepared the CSNS returns as well.  President Finger asked if Tom could be appointed to the finance committee to work with Mr. Huggins.  Steve Marzilli made this motion, which was seconded by Greg Guseff: “That Tom Colson meet with Jack Huggins to discuss and potentially make any necessary changes, and that they come up with an agreed statement to file by the May 15 deadline.” – motion approved.

VIII.         Officer Reports

A.                 President          – President Finger

1.      Appointments to fill open positions

a.       Larry Sekulich has accepted the final open board position.  

Mike Denany moved to approve, Dr. Parks seconded, and motion was approved.

       Larry noted that he has ribbons, badges, and photos from Bob Sayre to donate to MSNS

B.                 Vice President  – Ann Bobrofsky

– Ann thanked Joe for his work.

C.                 Secretary-Treasurer      – Joe LeBlanc

1.      Review Current Financials

– we have $77,000, $25k of which is in life membership funds. 

a.       Regular

b.      Life – small increase in total funds, 1 new life member whose money went here.

c.       CD $25K  1.75%  Matures, May 05 – this account holds the life membership funds

Bank offers 11 month CD at 3.5% to replace the above.  Joe would like to move the money here next.  Ann Bobrofsky moved, and Mike Strub seconded, a motion that Joe move the Life membership funds to an 11 month CD at 3.5% when the current CD matures in May – motion approved.

d.      CD $25K  2.5%  Matures, Sept. 05 – Regular Funds

This is the operating funds account.  We will meet again before this item matures.  Joe believes we will have $10k - $20k more to open another CD for a 7-month term.  This will not affect the arrangements for the upcoming CSNS show; the main expense will be the hotel bill, due 2-3 weeks after said convention.  Steve Marzilli moved, and Dany Rothfeld seconded a motion that if there are funds available, at his discretion, Joe shall move an amount of his choosing from the operating account into a 7-month CD – motion approved.

2.      Membership Report

a.       Steve Harvey – New Life Member.  The board approved.

b.      Member Totals – April:  389 regular, 22 honorary life, 467 life, 26 junior, 25 clubs – 929 total.  These drops are due to a by-law that we lose members if they have not paid by April.  These numbers include dealers and assistants that are required to be members.  Joe is positive that we have deceased members on our rolls.  Ray Dillard asked whether we could remind folks to pay their dues, to prevent these losses.  The response to him was that we already send notices before Thanksgiving, and another afterward if dues remain unpaid.

3.      Budget Spring 05 –

Table revenue will significantly exceed our budget (by about $10k), but we will owe penalties due to under-sold room count total.  Don said we had a $5600 deficit at the start of the show.  58 rooms which were listed under AAA, senior citizen, or internet rates will be credited to us, but we are still likely to be short about $3k, or a little less, after that.  The reason is simply because spring shows have fewer out-state dealers, thus fewer hotel stayers. 

4.      Budget CSNS –

We’re getting bourse applications – few expenditures yet

5.      Budget MSNS 05 –

Nothing out of the ordinary or surprising to date

6.      Property Report

No changes – same number of cases in Bill’s possession, etc.

IX.  Committee Reports

A.                 50th Anniversary Committee – Tom Klunzinger

-         A meeting was held this morning (April 16 at 9am); handwritten copies of the minutes were handed to the board members.  A commemorative Redbook suggestion was discussed.  For this, the minimum order is 500.  Steve Marzilli moved, and Mike Marotta seconded, a motion that we get 500 2006 Redbooks, for a maximum expenditure of $5000, hopefully to be received in time for the 2005 fall convention – motion approved.

-         Banquet – Ray Dillard suggested that we could use our leverage to get sponsors for this.    Dany Rothfeld moved, and Bill Summerell seconded a motion that the committee pursue consideration of sponsors for the banquet – motion approved.

-         Al registered his discontent with Tom’s leadership of this committee.  Ray Dillard suggested that neither he nor Tom should have been the chairs of this committee.  Tom referred to the Mischler report to indicate he is the chair.  President Finger said the committee was an ongoing committee, not dissolved at the end of a board or president’s term.  The question is, does the board have faith that Tom can and will do his job as the committee chair?  Steve Marzilli, Dr. Parks, Ray Dillard, and Tom Klunzinger are the current committee.  Ray suggested Dr. Parks as the chair, but he declined.  President Finger clarified that no expenditures or receipts happen without board approval, and all must go through Joe LeBlanc.  Joe added that correspondence to the membership should not occur except through Joe, as there is no official contact list other than his – referring to the apparent fact that Mr. Klunzinger retained a copy of the club mailing list against the wishes of the board, which he had used for an unofficial mailing to some members.  Bob Lusch also suggested that another than Tom chair the committee.  Tom defended himself as not having done anything regarding monies without board approval, and said if the board didn’t want him, he had much better things to do.  Larry S. suggested that there might be more problems than benefits retaining Tom as chair.  Don Charters stated that his disapproval of Tom’s committee plans and activities stemmed solely from his need for more information, in a more timely fashion, in order to plan the convention rooms and events properly.  Mike Strub expressed his appreciation for the creativity that Tom has brought, although he expects that Tom would continue to abide by the requirement that no unapproved expenditures be undertaken by the committee.  Ann Bobrofsky explained her reasons for discontent with Tom, and the Mischler report.  Bob Lusch said that a definite decision must be made, and so he moved, and Mike Denany seconded, that President Finger appoint a new person other than Tom to head the 50th anniversary committee (see below for vote)

-         Non-voting members were excused for executive session from 6:55pm.  The board then learned that it cannot vote in executive session.  It decided on a secret ballot, to be counted in open session.  If the vote is Yes, President Finger will remove Tom and appoint a new chair.  If it is No, President Finger will re-affirm Tom’s chairmanship of this committee. 

-         Executive session was ended at 7:06pm, followed by a break, and then re-convened open session at 7:13pm.

-         The vote:  11 votes cast, 7 yes, 4 no.  Therefore the motion passed, and President Finger was thereby asked to appoint a new chairman, other than Tom Klunzinger, of the 50th anniversary committee.  President Finger is the temporary chair at this time.  He will decide whether Tom should remain on the committee at a later date.  Note that any MSNS person would be eligible to chair. 

-         The board was asked whether they objected to, or wished to add to, any suggestions of the committee.  President Finger recommends that Ray make contacts to the various groups to attend our 50th anniversary committee.  The board approved.

1.      10 year Club

-         no discussion

2.      Exhibits

-         no discussion

3.      50th Anniversary Medal –

-         President Finger recommends that we proceed to work on deciding their plans for the medal.

-         Don asked whether we should change the date of our convention in spring, 2006, as the newly selected ANA convention date now conflicts with it.  Steve Marzilli moved, and Mike Denany seconded, that we hold our spring, 2006 show at the contracted date of April 7-9, despite the ANA conflict – motion approved.

B.                 Exhibit              – Frank Passic

-         Frank Passic thanked Dany Rothfeld and Dr. Parks for their work in judging the exhibits.  Frank is training new judges.  He will run the CSNS exhibits under MSNS rules.  Frank recommends that we buy our gold (and silver) now while it is down in price, for prizes, as we’ll come way under our $3500 budget if we do so.  Any left over will be useful for the fall convention.  (No motion was needed, as he already has budgetary authority.)

-         We remember that MSNS members Bob Sayer and Mr. Anderson passed away over the last year.  We will need a more complete list to read at the breakfast tomorrow.

C.                 Auctions           – President Finger

-         President Finger has already signed a contract for the Fall 2005 auction with Craig Whitford

-         We need to get bids for our Auctioneer for 2006 and beyond.

D.                 Past Presidents – Al Bobrofsky

-         Al noted that we need to approve giving the George Hattie award to a certain intended recipient.  Joe says he has already had it engraved, and it is ready for whichever convention the intended recipient attends next.

E.                  Mich-Matist     – Mike Marotta

-         Because Mike has increased the advertising charges, we will come closer to breaking even on our expenses this year.

-         Mike looks forward to the opportunity to pay taxes on our revenue!

-         Mike also suggested that the board enter the modern era by raising the author rate to 10c/word for submitted articles.

-         The Mich-Matist is 36 pages when big, 32 when small. 

-         Mike addressed some complaints about print quality.

-         There was a discussion about which forms should appear in the Mich-Matist, and at what frequency.

X.     Old Business

A.                 Phone Line       – Joe LeBlanc

– MSNS now has its own phone number at Joe’s business:  734 453-0504 – this is printed also in the Mich-Matist

B.                 ANA Future Convention           – Tom Klunzinger

-         Tom did not return after executive session, but had given President Finger a letter about this.  It stated that Tom has delivered a letter to the ANA, but we have not heard back from them.  Don offered his understanding that the ANA won’t come back to Cobo Hall because of security concerns and other problems; also, the Hyatt is too small, so another viable venue would need to be offered to them in order to bring the ANA back.

XI.  New Business

A.                 Membership Drive – Mike Marotta

-         We need a more active and vital club.  This will help with ad revenue as well.  So we need to set a path for building membership over the next 3-5 years. 

-         Don noted that all MSNS convention chairs and workers are supposed to be MSNS members, but they are not.

-         Ann noted that the membership shrank due to Tom’s desire to reduce postage and printing expenses in the past.

B.                 Code of Ethics  – Mike Marotta

-         Steve Bieda said this is not enforceable; it is a statement of what we would like to see people do.

-         Steve Marzilli moved, and Greg seconded, that we accept the Code of Ethics.  The vote was a tie, so it is tabled until our next meeting. The board request re-editing to remove the expulsion provision, and it may re-vote on it at the next meeting.

C.                 50 year members          – Joe LeBlanc

-         Joe asked whether, since we’ve had 25 and 40 year pins for those members who have been in our organization for these terms, should we not soon get some 50 year pins?  Joe proposed to look into this for discussion at the next meeting.  President Finger tabled the issue, as it goes under the anniversary committee, for the first issues of these pins will be under them.

XII.              Committee Appointments

President Finger made the following appointments to committees:

A.                 Search for Convention Understudy        – President Finger

-         Brian Malnar is approved to be Don Charter’s understudy.  Don supports this move.

B.                 Publicity Chairman                    – President Finger

-         Mike Marotta, Dr. Parks, Greg Guseff

C.                 Membership Committee                        – President Finger

-         Larry Sekulich, Joe LeBlanc, Mike Denany, Mike Marotta

D.                 Convention Manual Committee – President Finger

-         JOINT with the Convention Committee

-         Al Bobrofsky, President Finger, Rob Lusch, Brian Malnar, Don Charters

E.                  Financial Review Committee     – President Finger

-         Ann Bobrofsky, Tom Colson, Joe LeBlanc

F.                  Legal Counsel                           – President Finger

-         Steve Bieda

G.                 Convention Committee             – President Finger

-         See D.

H.                 Executive Committee                – President Finger

-         President Finger, Ann Bobrofsky, Joe LeBlanc, Rob Lusch

Auction Committee                   – President Finger

-         Bill Summerell, Steve Friedman, Joe LeBlanc

I.                    Exhibits Committee

-         Frank Passic, Dr. Parks, Mike Denany, Dany Rothfeld

J.                   Anniversary Committee

-         Dr. Parks, Ray Dillard, Steve Marzilli, Al Bobrofsky – temporary chair is President Finger – Tom Klunzinger is still there if he chooses, it is up to him

K.                Show Case Chairman

-         Bill Summerell, Brian Malnar

L.                  Mich-Matist Website Committee

-         Dr. Parks, Mike Marotta, Tracy Tabor, Mike Strub, Bill Summerell

-         Mike Marotta pointed out that Tracy is only interested in being a contractor.

XIII.         Board Member Comments

– there were no additional comments

XIV.         General Membership Comments

-         Ray Dillard asked about why Tom Colson reviewed Jack Huggins work; after all, we paid Huggins but we didn’t follow through on his recommendations.  President Finger replied that it is because we need to be auditable, not because Jack had done anything less than well. 

XV.                       Adjourn

-         The board adjourned at 8:25pm