Meeting of the Board 3:30 PM, Feb. 15, 2009

                                                    Kellogg Center, East Lansing                                   




  I.      Call to Order   4:02 pm                              Parks                                       


  II.      Roll Call                                                    LeBlanc                                    

           Present: Parks, Al Bobrofsky, LeBlanc, Ann Bobrofsky, Chandler, Chirco, Dennany,     Freeland,Friedman, Henderson, Pall, Rothfeld, Wostyn. Absent Fenwick, Lusch, Strub

 III.     Introduction of visitors                              Parks                                       

          Mary Dennany, Frank Passic, Mike Marotta, Steve Deitert, Brian Malnar,  Nancy Chandler and      Tom Klunzinger

 IV.     Invocation                                                  LeBlanc                                    

            LeBlanc lead the board in prayer.


  V.      Minutes of Nov. 28, 2008                        LeBlanc                                  

               Pall moved to approve as mailed,  Wostyn 2nd,  approved.          

VI.  Additions to Agenda                               Board                            

            A.Old Business 

               1.  ANA Donation

             B.  New Business

   1.  Auction Letter

   2.  Spring 2010 location

   3.  ANA seminar changes

               4.  Teleconferences

VII.    Approve Agenda                                        Board                                      

               Approved on voice vote.

VIII.   Director Absences                                     LeBlanc                                   

               Being the 1st meeting of this board, there are no absences to report.

IX.     Appointments (If any)                                 Parks

Dr Parks at this time appoints Michael Marotta for web master. Marotta then discussed his vision for our web site. Appointment Approved.                      

  X.    Membership Comments                            Parks                                      

          Klunzinger asks for Lansing and Livingston to co-host the next available spring.  Prefers Lansing,but SE Michigan ok.  Deitert asked formally for Livingston.  Summerell requests a show co-host for Monroe.  Henderson asks for a cohost from Downriver. Sirna comments that we may wish to change our fall show from Thanksgiving weekend.

  XI.   Officer Reports

          A.  President                                               Parks                                      

                     Parks thanks for opportunity to serve as President.  He wants committees to work more and better. Ask for help if you need it. Committees need to talk with each other.   He wishes to be in the loop on all activities.                                           

          B.  Vice President                                      Bobrofsky                                

                    No report at this time.

          C.  Secretary-Treasurer                              LeBlanc                                               

                   1.  Review Current Financial  

                        a. Regular   

                                CD  $15K  3% Matures 04/09

                                CD  $12.5K  1.3% Matures 03/09

                                Checking Account (Jan. 20, 2009) $20500 approx.    

                        b. Life       

                                CD  $25K   4.0%    Matures, Nov. 09

                                CD  $15K   4%       Matures, Sept  09

                                CD  $10K 4%  Matures, 08/09

                                CD  $50K  4.1% Matures, 03/10

                                Savings Account  $2000

                        c. Cash Reserve

                              CD $10K  3.5% Matures 02/09

                        d.   Pruchnicki Inheritance    

                              a. New Liberty Bank CD   2.8 % Matures Nov. 09    $3655.


    Rothfeld asked if we could buy exhibit awards ahead of time. LeBlanc stated that awards could not be bought ahead of a budget being approved for a convention.


   Al Bobrofsky asked what life savings account represents. LeBlanc states that this is recently received life membership funds.


                 2.   Membership Report  

      LeBlanc notes we have 763 regular members, 77 YN members, 24 clubs, 461 life members, 18 honorary life members.   We are now mailing the MichMatist to 9 libraries and editors.


  LeBlanc notes 3 applicants for life membership.  James Waswick, David Sweet, and Brian Brown. They have been published in the MichMatist.                                    

Motion to approve all three applicants by Friedman, 2nd Bobrofsky. Approved.

3.      Property Report  

LeBlanc notes we have about 8 silver anniversary medals remaining. Summerell reports a MSNS case was taken at the Fall 08 show, but that we found one non-MSNS case unclaimed at the same convention.

            4.  Fall 08 Report

  LeBlanc notes that we have not received payment yet from Silvertowne Auctions for the Fall show. Payment is expected in next 30 days.  LeBlanc asked for the board to accept the financial worksheet as given.    Pall so moved, 2nd  Friedman   Approved.

      5.  2008 Report

LeBlanc reviewed the 2008 budget worksheet. Discussion. Rothfeld moved to accept 2nd Chandler  Accepted.

Wostyn states that LeBlanc has shown her copies of the MSNS bank CDs and that they appear to be in order.



6.      2008 P & L                                     LeBlanc

LeBlanc offered and discussed the 2008 Profit/Loss statement given to the board.  LeBlanc noted 1 small change of categorization that does not effect the bottom line.  This will be corrected before publishing in the MichMatist and before tax forms are prepared by Huggins. LeBlanc asked that the board accept. So moved by Dennany, 2nd Rothfeld, Accepted.


                   7.  Spring 09 Budget                          LeBlanc                          

LeBlanc noted and apologized for failing to mail the Spring 2009 convention budget out to the board.   LeBlanc was instructed to mail the budget to the board in next few days, and if hearing no major objections, to consider it approved.   



  8.  2009 Budget                                   LeBlanc                        

LeBlanc reviewed the budget for year 2009 and asked for acceptance. Freeland so moved, 2nd  Friedman  accepted.


      9.  Correspondence                                LeBlanc                          

Discussed correspondence received.


XII.   Old Business


            A.  Schlag Memorial Update             Al Bobrofsky             

            No change to dollars raised.  Still working on Michigan memorial plaque at grave site.

            B.  Spring 08 Raffle Unclaimed              LeBlanc                           

  LeBlanc noted that MSNS has received approval from Michigan to donate the unclaimed ˝ oz gold coin to the ANA for the Schook School. It has been mailed to the ANA, no receipt has been received yet.


C.     MSNS Attire                                         LeBlanc                        

      Parks took a consensus  of how the board would like to proceed.  He will consider and offer recommendation.


D.     Suburban Detroit Coin Show            Wostyn

Wostyn states that    Sekulich, LeBlanc, and Wostyn manned a table at Sharpe's show.  Approx 35 new members were signed up, along with some bourse applications taken in.  Sharpe is willing to offer us table again


            E.  Survey Results                                   LeBlanc                            

  LeBlanc reported the survey results of membership from Fall 2008.

            F.  Purge of Life “Deceased” Members         LeBlanc                            

LeBlanc feels that we have many people on our Life membership rolls that are deceased, or no longer wish to be considered members.  LeBlanc asks for budget and approval to mail a letter to the Life members along with a postage paid postcard asking if the person still wishes to be on the membership. Motion to spend up to $1000 to attempt to contact life members for this project by Friedman, 2nd Henderson. Motion calls for mailing request a 2nd mailing to members who did not reply to 1st mailing.  Approved. Board asked for a list of purged names in Mich-Matist            


             G. ANA donation (from Nov)                LeBlanc

Bobrofsky Moves to take off table, Friedman 2nd  Approved. Discussion.  Pall moved to table to the executive committee, Rothfeld 2nd,  Approved.

XIII.   New Business

           A.  Slate Memorial                                    Rothfeld                          

Rothfeld stated that Judy Slate has passed away.  Rothfeld moved to grant a membership through 2014 to Julie Slate, 2nd Freeland   Passed.           

            B.  Patriot Act Education                         Chirco                              

 MSNS will ask Pat Heller if he would give a talk to MSNS dealers at a MSNS convention.

C.     Uncleared Checks                               LeBlanc               

LeBlanc notes that we have 7 checks that are old/stale and that they have been included in our expenses in past years, and that with board approval he will void them, and place the dollars back into 2009 as income.                 Pall so moved 2nd Rothfeld, that this be done on March 15, 2009. Approved.


            D.  Battle Creek Mini Show                   Wostyn                            

                     Issue is not discussable at this time. No formal applications.

            E.  CSNS Ballot                                        LeBlanc                            

 LeBlanc notes that we received a ballot to vote on a constitutional issue for Central States Numismatic Society, but that we did not have time for the MSNS board to consider, thus the ballot was not returned.           


            F.   Set Fall 09 Bourse Fee                        LeBlanc                         

    Wostyn moved to set bourse fee for Fall 2009 at $350 if paid in full by Aug 1st,   and $375 for dealers not paid in full by August 1st, 2009 as noted by postmark. Friedman 2nd,  Passed. Board also noted that dealers not paid in full by 30 days prior to the convention also pay a $25 late charge.

           G.   Set Hours Spring 09                            Malnar                           

Malnar reports he plans for dealer opening at 8am Thursday and public access at 1pm  Thursday.  A Saturday close of 6pm. Board hears and acknowledges.

           H.   Dealer Packet Contents                       Wostyn                             

Wostyn wishes to see dealer packet improved. Perhaps coupons to local businesses,  a thank you for coming, and a letter regarding the next show.

            I.   Tom Reynolds Complaint                      LeBlanc                         

 LeBlanc notes a complaint by a dealer over times of spring show. Executive committee offered a solution to the dealer and it is pending.  Friedman asks LeBlanc to telephone dealer.  Board accepts Executive action.


Motion by Pall  If Secretary-Treasurer does not receive a reply by March 15, then offer expires.  Died for lack of 2nd.


            J. Auction Letter – Davis                                        Bobrofsky

Parks notes that offer from Davis has been received. Offer is not accepted.

             K. Spring 10 Location                                Malnar/Wostyn/LeBlanc

       Wostyn and LeBlanc have looked for other location in Metro Detroit.  Malnar has no contract from Hyatt for Spring 2010.


L.      ANA seminar changes                          LeBlanc

      LeBlanc notes that ANA now offers two 2 day classes or one 5 day class.  Our pending Best of Show winners may chose either.   LeBlanc asks that going forward a maximum value be set for this award. Bobrofsky states that such limit exists somewhere in past minutes. Education  committee to look at refreshing a max value. Sirna recommends such also.

            M. Teleconferences                                   Dennany

Dennany asked chair if some items can be handled by telephone and not in person at a board meeting.


XIV. Committee Appointments        

       Parks passed out a committee assignment sheet. He asks all board members to be more involved in committees and that he expects committees to report at each board meeting.  All commitees are to include Parks in correspondence.


XV.   Committee Reports     

             A.  Exhibit                                                  Passic                              

Passic has posted time changes for spring 09 show.


             B. Auctions                                              Summerell 



              C.  Past Presidents                               Ann Bobrofsky                    


D.     Mich-Matist                                   Parks                                  

       Parks wishes to be able to identify members who do not want the MichMatist, mailed to them.

              E.  Publicity                                               Open                                           


              F.  Membership                                        Sekulich                                      


              G.  Conv. Manual                                    Al Bobrofsky                   


               H.   Conv. Committee                             Al Bobrofsky                               


               I.  Communication Clubs Membership   J. Wostyn              


               J.   Education

                     Pall asked as chair, to please send him ideas, etc.        

               K.  Finance


               L.  Dealer


XVI.        Board Member Comments

            Dennany likes direction of new president,                                                         

XVII.     General Membership Comments

           Summerell asks what should happen to items found at a convention?       Rothfeld moves that we       publish that (Generic Description of item) was found at show in MichMatist and if owner does not come forward and be able to describe the item, that it be donated to the YN Program. Henderson 2nd.  Passed

XVIII.   Adjourn  Motion to adjourn by Rothfeld, Henderson 2nd at 7:29   Passed