Meeting of the Board of Directors – November 4, 2012 7PM – by Telephone Conference Call


Directors: Don Chandler, John Chirco, Bill Ewald, Steve Friedman, Brett Irick, Steve Marzilli, Karl Mark Pall, Chuck Sharpe, Mike Strub, Julianna Wostyn

Chairman: Vice-President Al Bobrofsky

Legal Counsel: Ron Sirna

Secretary-Treasurer Joe LeBlanc

Absent: Fenwick, Parks, Rothfeld

LeBlanc noted that we have a quorum and while waiting for Al Bobrofsky, explained that thus far for the

Fall bourse we have ~170 tables sold. This is a little bit lighter than where we wanted to be. We are down 8-10 tables from the same point last year. But we still expect a few more. Frank Passic has extended his exhibitor deadline to 11/12/12. Strub confirms that the MichMatist was in the mail as of last Friday. LeBlanc reminded all that the 2013 dues notices to MI, OH, and IN members include a flyer about the convention move.

Bobrofsky explained to the board that he and the relocation committee have found a possible venue for our Spring 2013 convention and show – the Ford Fieldhouse in Grand Rapids, at the Grand Rapids Community College. They are in the process of getting quotes.

For the Fall 2012 convention, LeBlanc says we should be close to budget. Wostyn is handling reservations for hotel rooms for board members, and has heard from most. Chirco has made 25 signs directing people to our new convention site. Warren is willing to let them be posted. He needs verification as to who/when/where signs will be put up / allowed to go. Chirco will get the names of co-host club presidents from LeBlanc. Bill Ewald will take half of the signs on behalf of Birmingham. Ron Sirna will do the delivery from Chirco to Ewald early next week. It is desired to put up the signs around the 12th of November.

Chirco has spoken with Paul Joseph from ANACS, who has expressed interest in coming to our Fall show. He is talking to his superviror to get authorization to come. Also, Chirco with the authority of the relocation committee has offered them a free table.

Regarding the convention program, it was stated that we need all of our sponsors in the program – both of prizes and of other assistance to the convention and show. LeBlanc promised to provide to Strub. Strub noted that the deadline for the program is 11/5 evening, or 11/6 early, because he wants to get it to the printer by Wednesday, 11/7.

Regarding the issue that some will be caught off-guard arriving in Dearborn for the convention, Chirco asked if we may put notices at the old hotel to re-direct people to the new. Marzilli suggested hiring someone to stay there and re-direct. Attorney Sirna noted that it would be problematic to do so without worker’s comp insurance; better instead to do large signs that say “Coin Show Moved”. Strub said host clubs must put a person or two at the old site to re-direct and hand out flyers. LeBlanc will contact Brian Malnar to get him to contact the host clubs and make these arrangements. Wostyn stated that the contract for the food must be signed soon. Pall added that he will do news releases the week before, week of, and day after Thanksgiving, working with LeBlanc.

Chirco asked if we sell tables for one or two days, to fill our unsold tables. LeBlanc answered that Malnar handles this with a waiting list – and he negotiates the fees because the board has never set them, permitting the Bourse Chairman to do his best. LeBlanc, however, makes sure that they each fill out the same forms. Sirna advocated that the board fix their fees so we don’t have issues of unfair treatment. LeBlanc suggested he could make a mail ballot to establish fees. But then Pall moved we charge $200 for dealers who would like a table only for Saturday and Sunday, and $75 for Sunday only. Strub seconded.

Comments: Ewald – important we put in our applications “subject to availability”. Sirna – Ewald’s condition is incidental, and need not be added to the motion. Friedman – would be more comfortable with $250 and $100, though he is himself a dealer, based on the relatively higher value of Friday and Saturday in terms of sales. Pall was not amenable to changing his motion. Convinced by Friedman’s statement, Strub withdrew his second. Chandler seconded the motion in his place, keeping the motion alive. Marzilli – We should set charges for Fri or Sat only, to complete our guidance. Pall wants to adhere to past practice. Strub said that our policy for Friday-only sales should be that the charge be the same as for all 3 days, and our policy for Saturday-Sunday Sales be to charge $250, and for Sunday only to charge $100. Wostyn reminded us that we try to fill all tables as vacancies arise, rather than selling two-day and one-day tables in advance. She said that Malnar keeps a waiting list and does not award such tables until the show has begun.

Roll call vote: Chandler yes, Chirco yes, Ewald yes, Friedman no, Irick no, Marzilli no, Pall yes, Sharpe no, Strub no, Wostyn no. The Chair notes motion defeated.

Friedman then moved that if we have an available table for Saturday and Sunday, the fee shall be $250; that if a dealer should desire to rent a table for Saturday only, that the fee should still be $250; and that if a dealer should like a table only on Sunday, the fee shall be $100. Sharpe seconded.

Roll call vote: Chandler yes, Chirco yes, Ewald yes, Friedman yes, Irick yes, Marzilli yes, Pall yes, Sharpe yes, Strub yes, Wostyn yes. Motion Passes.

Discussion of any possible retroactive application of this approved motion was deemed moot, since no deals for fewer than 3-day table rentals have not yet been made by Malnar.

Bobrofsky thanked the hard-working convention moving committee and asked if the board would give the relocation committee permission to make contacts to get a date and make a contract to have the Spring, 2013 convention and show in Grand Rapids. Pall agreed – it would behoove them to bring the info to our next board meeting in November. Pall then moved that the relocation committee of Chirco, Friedman, Wostyn, LeBlanc, Al Bobrofsky and Sirna negotiate contacts, for venue, dates and terms, and to sign such a contract to have the Spring, 2013 convention and show in Grand Rapids, and asked for a second. None heard. Al Bobrofsky stated that he did not ask for a motion, just for permission to bring things together so that an announcement of where the spring show will be could be made at the Fall show. LeBlanc said this could be done, but he needs a venue, dates and a bourse fee to be established quickly. Pall said he preferred that Warren be the Spring 2013 site, and that consideration of a new location be deferred for considered for Spring 2014 instead. Marzilli said he didn’t want a decision to move before we know how good Warren is as a location. Sharpe said the majority of dealers surveyed, 80% - later corrected by Friedman to 67% - want to stay in the Detroit area. “You can’t have a show with one third of your dealers.” Bobrofsky stated that we only want to discuss Spring 2013 at this time. Friedman stated that in his survey, 67% of dealers were not willing to have a show hosted away from Detroit, and 56% wouldn’t go out state for a show. Sirna strongly objected to staying in Metro Detroit, as we are not the “Suburban Detroit Numismatic Society.” Friedman then seconded Pall’s motion. Discussion: There was further discussion of whether we could or should move that fast, and whether the certainty or lack thereof of the next venue’s parameters would affect the success or turnout. Roll call: Chandler yes, Chirco yes, Ewald yes, Friedman yes, Irick yes, Marzilli yes, Pall yes, Sharpe yes, Strub yes, Wostyn yes. Motion carried.

Motion on the bourse fee: Pall moved that the bourse fee for the Spring 2013 show be exactly the same amount as for the 2012 Spring Show Bourse fees, with the additions that a) we apply the earlier motion of this evening’s board meeting to the price of two- and one-day fees; and b) the committee have latitude to create reasonable fees where this gives insufficient guidance. Chirco seconded. LeBlanc said he didn’t know if this bourse fee would be enough to cover costs. Sirna says this is about budgeting. Friedman, Irick, Sharpe, and Strub had reservations about approving this without cost figures. Wostyn added that the relocation committee would of course be responsible to look at costs, and would be responsible enough to know they can’t sign a contract without covering costs; AND that the motion left out an explanation of the sale of corner tables (above motion’s clause b resulted). Pall – in order to give some direction to our selection committee – they could adjust these fees for multiple tables. Sirna – don’t worry, he wouldn’t approve a contract that cost us too much, it goes without question that the committee would do right. Al Bobrofsky – common sense will reign. LeBlanc – how to proceed with notifying the Hyatt / successors on cancellation of possible existing contract? Sirna – Hyatt no longer exists, so the question is not relevant. Roll call: Chandler yes, Chirco yes, Ewald no, Friedman yes, Irick yes, Marzilli yes, Pall yes, Sharpe yes, Strub yes, Wostyn yes. Motion carried.

Irick asked that the Spring 2013 show avoid being at the same time as the ONA show. There was discussion of impediments to VIP attendance; and of a Boy Scout Merit Badge program at the convention. Sharpe will ask the Merit Badge counselor if he can attend a show in Grand Rapids. Many directors noted that their cell phone batteries might very soon die. Chirco provided some quick information on the facility in question: Visit for more information on the Ford Fieldhouse at Grand Rapids Community College. They have 25,000 square feet. The cost of the facility is $600/day plus expenses. Parking is $3/day but would be possibly negotiated to $0 for dealers. We can bring our own donuts, fruit, and coffee. More details will be sent later.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.