Meeting of the Board 7:00 PM, November 27, 2010

Hyatt Regency, Dearborn

I. Call to Order (7:04PM) Parks

II. Roll Call LeBlanc

Andrew Parks, Joe LeBlanc, Ann Bobrofsky, Mike Dennany, Ron Sirna, Al Bobrofsky, Don Chandler, Larry Sekulich, Charles Fenwick, Stephen Friedman, John Chirco, David Henderson, Mike Strub, Dan Freeland, Karl Mark Pall, Julianna Wostyn, Dany Rothfeld

III. Introduction of visitors Parks

Pat Heller, Mike Marotta, Fred Raimond, Kathy Freeland, Les Rosik, Joe Beaupied, Ed Twarog, Vince Tremain, Kyle Tremain, Dan Freidus, Frank Maranuchi, Bill Summerell, Brian Malnar, Bill Ewald and Gloria Ewald, Cliff Mischler, Frank Passic, Jack Huggins

IV. Invocation LeBlanc

LeBlanc lead the board in prayer.

V. Minutes of Sept. 11 2010 LeBlanc

Approved as mailed to the board.

VI. Additions to Agenda Board

VII. Approve Agenda Board

New Business E. Constitution change regarding BOD meeting dates LeBlanc

Dealer Meeting Event (closed session request) Friedman

Old Business I. Future Hyatt contracts Henderson

J. Cline Correspondence Dennany

Director Al Bobrofsky moved, and director Pall seconded, a motion to approve, which passed.

VIII. Director Absences LeBlanc

(Absences - current term: Al Bobrofsky 2, Freeland 1, Strub 1, Fenwick 2, Chandler 1 Henderson 1)

At this time, the board takes no action.

IX Appointments (If any) Parks

None at this time.

X. Election results 2011-2012 Heller

Pat Heller passed out election results:

For President: Andrew Parks, 295 votes, Elected. For Vice President: Al Bobrofsky, 301 votes, Elected. Both unopposed.

For Board of Directors, the following were elected, with vote totals in parentheses: Julianna Wostyn (206), Dany Rothfeld (189), Michael Dennany (186), Chuck Fenwick (185), Chuck Sharpe (174), Karl Mark Pall (173), Dr. John R. Chirco (169), Mike Marotta (168), Steve Friedman (166), Donald Chandler (161), Mike Strub (157), Steve Marzilli (150).

The following candidates for election to the board were not elected: Tom Klunzinger (139), Brett Irick (130), Larry Sekulich (127), Robert Lusch (118), David Henderson (116), Vince Tremain (94), Mark Benvenuto (93), James Zylstra (38). There was one write-in vote for Ann Bobrofsky as well.

Vice President Al Bobrofsky moved, and director Pall seconded, a motion to accept the results and destroy the ballots, which passed.

XI. Membership Comments Parks

Andrew Parks Much work has been done to get the Lansing spring show negotiated. It is President Parks’ feeling we should not go ahead with Lansing in the Spring 2012. Strongly feels we need to support the outstate clubs; that we as a club should take the opportunity to suggest that some of these outstate clubs hold a show in conjunction with us. We could get more tables for them, a somewhat larger facility, an educational program, a coin hunt or drop, etc. Wostyn has tried without success to get this to happen. This may be because a large show was envisioned. However, we can do a small or medium sized show.

Kathy Freeland – Mich-TAMS requesting to host next available spring show, whether Dearborn or elsewhere. We have the manpower to do the cases.

Les Rosik – PANS would like first available show sponsorship in Detroit area – be that 2012 or 2013.

Bill Ewald from Royal Oak – next available Fall show requested by his club.

Dany Rothfeld suggested that all show co-hosts should be decided at least a year before the show. Dennany voiced agreement.

XII. Officer Reports

A. President Parks See above

B. Vice President Bobrofsky No report

C. Secretary-Treasurer LeBlanc

1. Review Current Financials

a. Regular

Checking Account (November 9, 2010) $45,895 Approx.

b. Life

CD $50K 3.4% Matures, 12/14

CD $25K 1.% Matures 03/11

CD $25K 1.5% Matures 03/12

Savings Account $3553

c. Cash Reserve Bank of Ann Arbor Demand Savings ~0.2% $10K

Chirco noted that many credit unions in Western Michigan pay 4%.

LeBlanc said we may not qualify to open an account at a credit union. Parks added that

distance is a consideration. But that we are open to getting some names of institutions.

Chandler said his insurance company provides $10k CDs with interest rates

1.7% to 2.7% depending on term of 1 year to 7 years. Very sound financially.

Sekulich asked if there would be an advantage to moving money from the

checking account to savings. LeBlanc states the checking account amount will shrink a great deal

by the conclusion of the convention.

Parks called for a vote of approval. Passed.

2. Membership Report

a. Regular Members 773, Young Numismatist Members 95, Clubs 28, Honorary Life Members 19,

Life Members 378. Total of 1293. This represents an increase of 54 (4.3%) from Nov 2009 report.

Does not count new memberships and renewals received at this convention.

b. New Life Application ~ Tony Abel, and Ken Bendick. LeBlanc asks for approval. Al Bobrofsky motioned,

Dennany 2nd for approval subject to required publication in the MichMatist. Passed

3. Property Report Summerell No Changes

4. 2010 Budget LeBlanc Light Discussion

5. Fall 10 Budget LeBlanc

Bourse fees received at this report were slightly higher than budget. Since then we’ve gotten even more bourse fees.

Total # Paid Tables requested by Chandler. Malnar said 182 – some at $350, "bunch" at 395. At least one individual coming in tomorrow to fill an empty table. AND – we have no hotel room penalty this time.

Early birds sold are "probably" 5 or 6 or 7, at $50/person.

6. Correspondence LeBlanc

Written request from Royal Oak, and from Lincoln Coin Club, to co-host conventions.

Don’t have verbal representation from Lincoln yet. Fred Raimond then provided a verbal presentation.

Mich-TAMS sent their written co-hosting request.

Lake Orion’s Weber Elementary – 5th grade teacher requested assistance to have a numismatic talk to his class.. Out of the YN budget, Leblanc sent ~125 miscellaneous foreign coins. LeBlanc put Ray Dillard in contact with them. Instructor then sent thanks for the coins and a date is set up for Dillard to talk to the class.

Chirco added that he is available to fill similar requests, has been doing this for awhile, and provides his own gifts.

We do get continuous requests on the club phone line – questions about inheritances, etc. The email has a correspondent at least once a week.

ICTA correspondence received as well – to discuss later in this meeting.

7. Spring 2011 Proposed budget LeBlanc

Proposes we will make $2700 (instead of losing money). Pall, Friedman moved to accept as working budget. Passed.

XIII. Committee Reports

A. Exhibit Passic

Everybody is a winner when you exhibit, and the public is a winner. Very full exhibit area this time. Spring 2011: Political Numismatics category. Fall: Hometown Numismatics category. We are dropping the metal detecting category, with agreement with the Michigan Treasure Hunters member club. Our exhibitors go on to win Best of Show at ANA, and last year at CSNS. Applause given to Passic for the excellent job done by his committee. Chirco commented that he was moved to see how well Passic treated people at the exhibit area. Fenwick noted that this is the largest exhibit area we’ve ever had, and congratulations. Jack Huggins noted that this was one of the best shows for exhibits outside the ANA.

Al Bobrofsky suggested there should be a limit on the number of exhibitors. Dennany replied that we already have a 7-case limit. Parks said that if, in the future, we have more difficulty with available space, that we should consider other limits. Pall said the non-competitive exhibits were some of the best.

B. Webmaster Report Marotta

Message board system coming soon, limited to MSNS members. May be dealer area, board area, etc. Polling is available, 100 visitors so far… We may need to offer some payment to the messgae board host.

C. Auctions Summerell

Has made some contacts. No major report at this time.

Parks attended a Delta coin club meeting and they know an auctioneer that may have an interest.

Friedman said an auction MUST have quality material…

Dan Fridus – notes he has written auction catalogs and run them as well. He would be interested in finding out what the club wants.

D. Past Presidents Ann Bobrofsky No Report

E. Mich-Matist Rothfeld

MichMatist is great, but President Parks wants to cut the budget back. $33k or so is being spent, $30k is budget. Strub has contributed ideas about saving money. LeBlanc points out that the budget for the MichMatist was $30k, but spending was $33, 291. Note that our membership is up over 4%, so we produce more MichMatists. Second, the $33k is offset by $13,331 in ad revenue. So true cost is $20k. Chirco – should we put MichMatist online? Dennany – keep in mind with rising costs everywhere, we are having higher costs. We should look into two-tier dues. Vince Tremain – it has saved money for his club, about $1000/year. Parks – the advertisers won’t want to see fewer copies, because their ads become less effective. Dennany asked how the ANA has succeeded by doing the same. ANA president Cliff Mishler said 5k of the 30k members have taken the electronic option. Ann Bobrofsky – we receive many comments from people because so many people like the look of the magazine, and appreciate having a copy to hold. Micshler returned and said that the fixed costs of the publication do not vary with reduced circulation. Ed Twarog is a 35-year newspaperman; to attract YN’s, remember they want electronics rather than paper. Dealers like electronic ads, with URL-affixed ads they can click on.

F. Publicity Strub No Report

G. Membership Chandler

Plans on getting a letter together to send to each member club. LeBlanc requests to receive the letter, then he’ll mail out.

Friedman suggested a membership survey last meeting. Discussion on a survey to be published and to be on-line.

Dennany suggested that clubs which recruit new MSNS members could be credited against their club membership fee.

Sekulich suggested that although the books program is canceled, we ought to give something at least for YN’s who are joining. Chirco said that a lot can be collected by simply going around and asking the dealers.

Parks – this is for committee discussion, not for board discussion.

H. Conv./Manual Revision Al Bobrofsky

Given to Dr. Parks. Done as much as he can, until we get the point system nailed down and the exhibit rules too. Brett Irick volunteered that he has some additional requirements to add to the manual regarding the hospitality suite.

I. Club Outreach/Communication Clubs Wostyn

Wostyn provided Strub with club update information.

J.  Education Pall We need a projector. Many suggestions. Rental at this hotel is $650 per day.

K. Finance Parks As discussed earlier

L. Dealer Friedman

Dealers do not accept the new point system, prefer the old system with a simple refinement.

A petition was circulated – more comments in closed session.

Dealers liked that there was a dealer meeting last evening.

XIV. Old Business

A. Schlag Memorial Update Al Bobrofsky

Out of the 30 commemorative Schlag Nickel plaques that were made, still 5 left. $3551 money collected. $1250 more will be there once we sell them. It costs $15 more to ship them.. Friedman asked to put one in lobby tomorrow with appropriate signage. #2 remains for sale. Two #1’s – one donated to ANA was the Prototype, which cost us nothing.

B. MSNS Coats/Shirts new board LeBlanc

Few members of old AND new board need shirts still. We have some shirts in stock. LeBlanc requests $700 for more shirts/coats Pall moved, Chandler seconded, passed.

C. Suburban Detroit Coin Show Wostyn

Jan 27-29. Volunteering for MSNS table : Larry Sekulich (first day), Juliana Wostyn (3rd day), Joe LeBlanc (2nd day)

D. ANA Seminar Spring 11 LeBlanc

President asks for assistants to create this. Need 6-7 hour class. Can even pay an expert to travel and present. Sekulich volunteers to join, as does Chirco. Al Bobrofsky moved, Wostyn seconded to give Parks, LeBlanc power to proceed to make arrangements. Passed. Suggested topic: Grading. LeBlanc has had very preliminary discussions about getting a professional grading service to provide their expert. Parks said it might entail providing a table for their service. Friedman cited precedent that attendees to such a class have been given 5 free grading/certifications from the service that provided the class speaker.

E. Co-Host Awards LeBlanc

Spring 2012 is earliest show not yet hosted. LeBlanc suggests deferring the decision because the location is not settled. 2013 Spring and Fall are not yet awarded. Pall moved, Dennany seconded to give first available spring show in the Detroit Metropolitan area to PANS as one of the co-hosts. Passed.

Wostyn made same motion for MichTams. Freeland supported. Passed.

F. ICTA report Rothfeld

Obamacare requires all business to fill out a 1099 form for all purchases of $600 within a calendar year from anyone. There is a proposal to be voted on – to repeal the new 1099 filing requirements – as of 11/23/10 (after the election)

Now, some big banks are trying to close some dealer accounts because of cash reporting requirements. Bank of America and another are aggressively pursuing closure of dealer accounts that do not have anti-money-laundering plans in place.

The patriot act says that cash purchases of $10,000 during a calendar year must be reported. One must be very careful about this. Do not discuss tax consequences with your suppliers.

G. Waiting period for any non-budget LeBlanc

Spending request (Tabled 9/10)

<text of motion in previous minutes>

Rothfeld amends his motion : Any donation over $500 may not be voted upon until the next meeting of the board following it's motion. Pall seconded the amendment.

LeBlanc opposes this as well, though it is less intrusive and micro-managerial than the previous motion; he reiterated that each board member, if he has at least one second, always has the power to do what this motion would otherwise require. Roll call vote: Bobrosky Al – No, Chandler yes, Chirco yes, Dennany yes, Fenwick yes, Freeland no, Henderson no, Pall silent, Rothfeld yes, Sekulich no, Strub no, Wostyn yes, Friedman yes. 7 yes, 5 no, 1 silent. Motion PASSES.

H. Spring 12 update Parks

Will we repeal our vote to hold a show in outstate Michigan, and the correlative motion to empower the executive committee to negotiate it? Sirna advised to rescind the motion to hold the spring 2012 convention outstate first. Pall, Al Bobrofsky moved.

LeBlanc was asked to explain why Lansing won’t work. He replied: we have two proposed contracts at this time. A 3rd from Lansing convention center, and a first from the Lansing Radisson. The convention center contract was difficult – when dealing with them, everything you have discussed must be in the contract. The numbers did not vary much from what the board was previously shown. Costs were a bit higher than Spring 2010 at the Hyatt in Dearborn. Mainly likely due to inflation. However, they want anyone who is carrying a concealed weapon to have an insignia on a badge indicating this; and to check in with premises management; and to restrict the movement of such people to certain areas and a single bathroom. This last cannot be guaranteed by us, and the dollar amounts cannot be pinned down with sufficient precision. Further, the Lansing center would allow us to use our own security firm, but they insist that we hire one of their internal security firm for every two paid security people that we have on duty, for $15 per hour. WORSE – public would have to pay $10/day to park there.

Lansing Radisson – we would not have to have a formal contract with the hotel, but without it, we have no negotiated rate with the hotel, nor a negotiated parking rate with the hotel. $99/nite for a room and $5/day for guests. $10/day for everyone else.

Friedman – the dealer meeting said it was vehemently against Lansing, and some would boycott it. Friedman said dealers claimed they were told by LeBlanc or Parks that they’d be exempted from negative consequences on their point system.

Chirco noted that the reason we are considering this rescinsion is because the timing is simply not opportune. Negotiations cannot yield a workable contract and venue in time that is also financially viable.

Motion passed 8 to 4.

Pall moved that the Spring 2012 Convention be held at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn. He added that the executive committee’s empowerment is regardless of venue. No Second.

Al Bobrofsky moved that we rescind the motion to empower the executive committee to negotiate the outstate show for Spring 2012 on the grounds that it is moot. Pall Seconded. Passed.

Pall moved that we ask our executive board to enter negotiations, and sign a contract, with the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn for our Spring, 2012 convention. Al Bobrofsky seconded.

Henderson and Malnar noted that there is already a negotiated contract for this convention that is awaiting our signature. Joy of the hotel said there is interest from two other groups for the same weekend. This may be a negotiating tactic. Parks said we should thank Friedman, Bobrofsky, LeBlanc and himself for much work to reach an agreement outstate– he is very sorry that we can’t reach an agreement that will meet the needs of our club. He very much wanted, personally, to make a Grand Rapids show. We should have a third, smaller show sponsored by this MSNS organization, outstate.

Motion passed unanimously.

Al Bobrofsky moved that, provided an appropriate contract can be negotiated, that we hold the Spring convention for 2013 and 2014 in Dearborn. Wostyn seconded.

Discussion. Both then rescinded their motion and their second.

Dennany asked why the Kalamazoo option is not still actively under consideration. LeBlanc explained problems with the quality of the venue compared to a convention center, as well as the relative proximity of rooms. Discussion should continue at a future date due to the lateness of the hour.

J. Correspondence with dealer J. Cline: LeBlanc: Dealer Cline had requested 3 things: a) reinstate his life membership; b) give him a statement as to where we are at (not quite an apology); c) wanted his old table placement. Based on board action, a) has occurred; b) a letter has been composed and been reviewed by legal counsel – which doesn’t apologize, but makes clear it has been 25 years and it is time to move on; c) and a statement has been made and has been reviewed that does not promise table placement but says we will do our best. Cline replied that he thanked us and he is willing to move forward. Fenwick said he was president at the time of the original issue. There was quite a bit of bitter conversation. Cline himself wrote to the board asking that we rescind his life membership, which was granted. The reason for the conflict was the 1984 ANA convention in Detroit, which he vehemently opposed. Florence Schook had a bitter tongue as well. She cannot apologize because she has since passed. We cannot apologize, but we can bury the hatchet. Fenwick supports that we do so. He is honest, and has great expertise. But we can only do our best on table placement. Chandler suggested we ask him to do a seminar for us as part of the process of bringing him back. Parks felt this might be a good idea. Board asks for a copy of the LeBlanc/Cline letter.

XV. New Business

A. 2010 Taxes Hire Accountant LeBlanc

LeBlanc asked board approval for Jack Huggins to do our tax reporting for 2010. Rothfeld so moved, Dennany seconded. Fee will be the same as last year, says Mr. Huggins. Passed.

B. Insurance Renewal LeBlanc

LeBlanc asks approval for the following: To empower the executive committee to renew these policies up to these costs. Pall moved, Chandler seconded.

1. E/O up to $1300

2. Liability up to $1000

3. Bond up to $600


C. Storage Yard Renewal (up to $1500) LeBlanc

LeBlanc asked approval, Dennany moved, Strub seconded. Passed.

D. Free Club dues if sign up x new members Dennany

Dennany requested that we develop a plan for clubs to receive a discount against their club renewal cost based on recruitment of their club members to MSNS membership.

E. Constitution Change regarding Summer Board Meeting flexibility.

Current constitution requires the President to call a meeting during the month of September. LeBlanc asked that the board move that the president may call that meeting during the month of August or September. A similar vote this summer was in the affirmative but did not meet quorum requirements.

We will therefore ask that legal counsel Sirna request that language be constructed to permit this freedom of selection of that meeting date.

Board agrees in thought to allowing this type of change.

Membership comments:

- Brett Irick thanks the board on behalf of Windsor coin club for MSNS sending a gavel to welcome them. LeBlanc added that the constitution calls for this, and that another was sent to Delta, and Huron Valley clubs.

Executive Session

Friedman moved that we go into executive session. Pall seconded. Passed. (About 10:15pm)

At this time all non board persons were asked, and left the room. Doors closed.

Out of Executive Session at 11pm Doors reopened, with no members found waiting.

XVI. Board Member Comments

Pall – Thanked the three outgoing board members for their great work

Freeland – Reminded church service tomorrow at the hotel.

Henderson – which host clubs aren’t making it? Discussion ensued of what club volunteers should do. Thanks for Wostyn's work.

Chirco – designates Julianna the alpha female, as top female vote-getter

Sekulich – had fun for filling in as board member. No board member from Wayne county for first time in many years, if ever!

Friedman – thanks us for support, will not resign his seat despite frustrations.

Fenwick – when I was president, I required every board member to work at the convention at least two hours. This should be reinstated.

Chandler – thanked Wostyn for making things work.

Dennany – likes working with board members, having made new friends.

Ann Bobrofsky. – has enjoyed work on board, we can overcome our problems.

Al Bobrofsky. – thanks outgoing board members, knows they’ll stay working with us. Asks wording from Sirna that the constitution make officer terms end at the end of the thanksgiving convention – 4pm – instead of Jan 1st-Dec 31st.

XVII. General Membership Comments No members present.

XVIII. Adjourn 11:13pm