Report and Minutes from telephone conference call April 2 2013 7PM.

    Wostyn called meeting to order at 7:00pm.

LeBlanc called roll:

Julianna Wostyn, Brian Malnar, Bill Anderson, Al Bobrofsky, John Chirco (at 7:05), Steve Friedman, Steve Garvin, Brett Irick, Karl Pall, Andrew Parks,. Joe Peruski, Ron Sirna. Noted absent are Tom Klunzinger, Dany Rothfeld, Steve Marzilli

LeBlanc announced a quorum to the President.

Wostyn states the Adoba hotel has requested we sign a contract for Spring 2014 under the exact same terms as the previous contract for Spring 14 with the Hyatt. She has provided the board with documentation earlier via email on how much higher cost would be then Spring 13 at the same location.

Motion: Board does not commit at this time to accepting the proposed contract from Adoba for Spring 2014. Board wishes to review after the Spring 13 convention. Motion by Pall, 2nd by Parks.

Wostyn asked LeBlanc to report on his visit last Friday to the property. He gave a verbal report.

Anderson: Concerned about venue.

Bobrofsky: Concerned about venue and terms

Chirco : Not in our interest at this time

Friedman: Concerned about venue

Garvin: No comment

Irick: Agrees with earlier debate. Does not like that no upgrades underway yet.

Malnar: Wait until Spring 13 convention is underway. Respects Adoba.

Pall: Hopes board will hold for now

Parks: Agrees with earlier comments

Peruski: Agrees with earlier comments, Feels Adoba has capital to make things work.

Roll call vote: Was all Yea with the chair not voting

Motion: The Board wishes to consider a non-SE Michigan venue for Spring 2014, during the period of 3rd week of March and 3rd week of April, avoiding Easter and other major shows, especially CSNS and ONA. Pall, 2nd Chirco

No major comments heard from a round table.

Roll call vote: Was all Yea with the chair not voting

Moved to adjourn by Bobrofsky, 2nd by Irick at 7:35PM. Passed