Meeting of the Board

VFW Hall, Traverse City

August 6, 2011 4:30pm

I. Call to Order Parks

Meeting was called to order at 4:31 by President Parks

II. Roll Call LeBlanc

LeBlanc called roll, finding Parks, Al Bobrofsky, Ann Bobrofsky, LeBlanc, Chandler, Chirco, Dennany, Fenwick, Friedman, Pall, Rothfeld, Sharpe, Wostyn , Marzilli arrived at 4:38

Absent was Strub. Sirna At this time LeBlanc stated that Marotta had resigned effective August 1st.

III. Introduction of visitors Parks

Mary Dennany, Nancy Chandler, Lisa LeBlanc, Roseann Parks, Brian Tideswell, Bert Fenwick

IV. Invocation LeBlanc

LeBlanc lead the board in prayer.

V. Minutes of April 8, 2011 LeBlanc

Approved as mailed with changes noted by Friedman.

Pall Moved to Approve Friedman 2nd Passed on verbal vote

VII. Approve Agenda Board

Wostyn moved to approve agenda Chandler 2nd

Rothfeld asked why his request for a Closed Session was not placed on the proposed agenda. Chair states no legal council at this meeting and chair does not wish to go to closed session without legal council present. Passed on Verbal vote Rothfeld states he votes to approve under protest.

VIII. Director Absences LeBlanc

Moved by Bobrofsky to accept Marotta's resignation, 2nd Fenwick Passed by Verbal vote

IX. Appointments (If any) Parks

Parks appoints LeBlanc as interim webmaster as of Aug 15th Moved to accept Parks appointment by Wostyn 2nd Chandler Verbal vote passed

X. Membership Comments Parks

None heard

XI. Officer Reports

A. President Parks

Please maintain civility in your emails. Also, stated that he met with Jay Beeton at ANA. Addressed the ANA's concerns with our minutes of Sept 11, 2010 regarding the educational seminar we jointly held in April 2010.

B. Vice President Bobrofsky

Thanks again Legal council Sirna for his service, and appreciates his advise.

C. Secretary-Treasurer LeBlanc

LeBlanc reported:

a. Regular

Checking Account (July 18, 2011) $30579.97 Approx.

b. Life

CD $50K 3.4% Matures, 12/14

CD $25K 1.5% Matures 03/12

Savings Account $2250

$1000 Face Silver (Bought at $28600)

c. Cash Reserve Bank of Ann Arbor Demands Savings .2% $10K

Chirco moved to accept, Bobrofsky 2nd Verbal Vote Passed

Motion by Marzilli If silver goes to $49 spot price, before next BOD meeting, the Secretary-Treasurer is ordered to sell the silver at the best possible price found. Sharpe 2nd Debate ensued. Bobrofsky assumed chair momentarily while the President left the room. Roll call vote requested by Dennany. Parks resumed the chair. Bobrofsky No, Chandler Yes, Chirco Yes, Dennany No, Fenwick No. Friedman Yes, Marzilli Yes, Pall No, Rothfeld No, Sharpe Yes, Wostyn Yes The President declined to vote Vote being 6 in favor 5 against. Passed.

2. Membership Report

a. Member Totals RM 664 YN 86, CLUBS 28, HLM 22, LM 381 Total 1181

b. Life Applicants Chad Wakefield and Bruce Miller

Bobrofsky moved to grant the life memberships Chandler 2nd Verbal vote approved.

3. Property Report

LeBlanc states he is aware of no major changes.

4. Spring 11 Report LeBlanc

LeBlanc reported on financial results of spring convention. Discussion ensued. Chirco moved to accept Wostyn 2nd Verbal Vote passed

5. 2011 Report LeBlanc

LeBlanc reported on 2011 budget status. Discussion ensued. Bobrofsky moved to accept Marzilli 2nd Verbal vote passed

6. Correspondence LeBlanc

LeBlanc noted letter from the Kalamazoo Numismatic Society. Also noted email from member requesting help forming a coin club in Northern Lower Peninsula.

7. Fall 11 Budget Proposal LeBlanc

LeBlanc proposed a budget.

Wostyn moved that the awards expense budget line item be set at $6000, a reduction from the proposed $8200. Friedman 2nd Debate ensued. Marzilli called the question; Bobrofsky 2nd Verbal vote passed ending debate. Verbal vote on awards expense line item motion passed with dissent The entire budget then was moved to accept, 2nd heard, and verbally accepted.

XII. Committee Reports

A. Exhibit Passic

1. BOS Max ANA Cost ( From Table) LeBlanc

Motion came off the table from April board meeting.

Marzilli moved that a cap be set at $1500 for the best-in-show winners expenses (including ANA tuition and board, and travel) for future best of show awards. Wostyn seconded. Debate ensued. Verbal approved with dissent.

2. Suggested Prize Allotment Friedman

Friedman suggests exhibit awards of 1st 1/10 Gold Eagle 2nd a Proof Silver Eagle 3rd a Unc Silver Eagle. No motion heard.

3. Guidelines for Exhibits Friedman

Friedman made several suggestions he feels would improve our exhibit programs.

No motions heard.

4. Limit $ Amount for Sponsors Rothfeld

Rothfeld will bring his proposal to the exhibit committee.

B. Webmaster Report Marotta

No Report given Marotta resignation as webmaster effective August 15th.

C. Auctions Friedman (Pro Tem)

Friedman has talked to multiple auctioneers. Noted that a membership survey is in progress as to whether MSNS membership wishes an auction.

D. Past Presidents Ann Bobrofsky

No Report at this time

E. Mich-Matist/Web Media Al Bobrofsky

No report at this time. Will issue report in November. Recommends keeping our current MichMatist printer.

F. Publicity Chirco

No report at this time.

G. Membership Sharpe

Notes formation of Jackson club. Notes an Ann Arbor club is attempting to form.

H. Convention Malnar

Malnar has signed Spring 2013 & Spring 2014 contracts with Hyatt Dearborn. Motion by Bobrofsky 2nd Dennany to give executive committee approval to negotiate and sign contracts with the Hyatt Dearborn for Fall 2015 & 2016.

I.  Education Pall

Pall notes the work being done on a numismatic degree program.

1. Beida Club Seminar

LeBlanc asks for a budget of $500 to hold a seminar with speaker Steve Beida on legal issues for our member clubs. Hoping to hold in September or October in a central location. Rothfeld so moved. Friedman 2nd Verbal vote approved.

  J. Finance Parks

No report at this time

K. Dealer Friedman

Noted last dealer survey results have been published.

L. Bylaw Revision Bobrofsky

Al Bobrofsky notes work is underway. States Sirna also working on a conflict of interest statement to apply to board members.

XIII. Old Business

A. Schlag Memorial Update Al Bobrofsky

All plaques have been sold. Historical marker still in process. State of Michigan has had some vacancies in the office that handles these requests.

B. ICTA Report Rothfeld

Rothfeld notes recent ICTA reports.

C. Safe Deposit Box Update LeBlanc

LeBlanc has opened a 2nd box to hold the silver bags due to space restrictions. Hopes to consolidate at the end of year. The 2nd key for 2nd box is in 1st box, the 2nd key for 1st box is missing. LeBlanc working on replacing that key.

D. Convention Manual Approval Parks

Chair states he will bring up in November.

E. Audit Status & Budget Parks

Parks notes he has held discussions on an audit, but no decisions. At this time the board did not offer a budget for any expenses on the audit.

F. ANA Ballot Cast LeBlanc

LeBlanc cast the ANA Election Ballot for our member Ostromecki, as authorized by board policy

G. 3rd Show Parks

No significant progress at this time

H. Pruchinicki Update LeBlanc

LeBlanc notes the misc material (USA & Canada) sold for few hundred dollars each. Gold set is in safety deposit box.

I. Club Share Info Site (ILNA) Friedman

Friedman notes this will be discussed at Fall meeting

XIV. New Business

A. Co Host Awards LeBlanc

LeBlanc notes the Fall 2011 co-host, Livingston County is working on their legal entity status

LeBlanc asks the board if they wish to award further cohosts at this time

Motion by Rothfeld 2nd Pall to award Spring 2013 to Flint and Marysville clubs, (50% each) subject to them having proper legal entity standing. Verbal vote approves

Motion by Bobrofsky 2nd Chandler to award 50% cohost to the Michigan Treasure Hunters for Fall 2013, subject to them having proper legal entity standing. Verbal vote approves

B. Set Spring 12 Bourse Fee Le Blanc

LeBlanc hopes to open the Annex to bourse for the spring conventions. In order to do so, a minimum number of dealers must be in the Annex. He believes offering a lower cost for that room may create the demand needed. LeBlanc requests a bourse fee of $335 main room and $249 Annex room.

Motion to set the bourse fee at $335 for the main room and $300 for the Annex by Marzilli 2nd Bobrofsky Debate ensued. Fenwick called the question Dennany 2nd Show of hands Approval ended debate, show of hands defeats main motion. LeBlanc again asks the board to set a fee.

Motion to set the bourse fee at $335 for both rooms by Friedman, Bobrofsky 2nd Passed by a show of hands

C. Membership dues change LeBlanc

LeBlanc asked if the board would wish to change the 2012 membership dues.

No motions heard

D. Entry Fee for Non MSNS @ Convention LeBlanc

LeBlanc asks if the board wishes to implement an entry fee for non members at our conventions. No motions heard

E. Web Video Production Budget Marotta

LeBlanc asks if the board would like to budget for a promotional video. No motions heard

F. Refresh Web Budget Marotta

LeBlanc asks for no budget at this time due to webmaster change

G. Member Complaint/Criminal Activity LeBlanc

LeBlanc notes a verbal statement from a dealer that an employee of his, a MSNS member has plead no contest to theft. Nothing has been offered in writing, nor proof. – No action taken.

H. Complaint RE: Dealer Advert. LeBlanc

LeBlanc states a verbal complaint by a member to the use of the word Guaranteed as it relates to buy prices in advertisements in the MichMatist. Rothfeld moved to ban the word “guaranteed” in MichMatist advertising. Sharpe 2nd debate ensued. Dennany moves to table to next meeting. Sharpe 2nd Vote to table taken by voice vote. Tabled.

I. Case Chair Pay rate LeBlanc

LeBlanc notes pay rate for case chair has not changed in years. LeBlanc notes case chair provided much added work on loaning cases to the RCNA national show in Windsor. Motion to pay $100 to the case chair, if we receive a donation of money from RCNA by Dennany Sharpe 2nd passed by show of hands

J BOD Hotel Room Rate Marzilli

Motion by Marzilli that MSNS board members be offered hotel rooms at conventions at a fixed rate of $40 per night for up to two nights per convention. Rothfeld 2nd debate ensued. Fenwick calls the question Dennany 2nd Verbal vote yes ends debate. Main motion then fails on show of hands

K. Co-sign Check Amount LeBlanc

LeBlanc notes our policy of two signatures on checks over $200. Inflation may merit an increase in this amount. Marzilli moved to raise policy to $1000 Chandler 2nd debate. Pall asks to substitute amount to $500, with no dissent the motion was changed. Vote by hand Passes

L. Mileage rate increase Sharpe

Sharpe Moves to raise our mileage reimbursement rate to 25c a mile effective today. Rothfeld 2nd debate. Needing advice of our CPA, that such a motion would not harm our 501(c) 3 non profit status, Pall moves to table to November meeting. Friedman 2nd Verbal Vote in affirmative tables.

M. Mich. Escheated $ LeBlanc

LeBlanc has found we have escheated money being held by the state. It appears to be from a bank account opened in Romulus. He has filed to have the money returned.

N. Non-Profit Status Kalamazoo Dennany

Dennany requests a statement in MichMatist that not all clubs were out of compliance with their legal entity status. Says Kalamazoo was in compliance, and some people thought incorrectly they were not.

O. BOD Conduct Dennany

Dennany feels other board members may have made disparaging comments at the last convention. The president agrees that disparaging comments about other members will not be tolerated.

XV. Board Member Comments

Chirco states some of the agenda could be handled via email.

Pall notes Parks offers the entire board his phone number.

Friedman wishes there would be communication over phone between board members.

Rothfeld notes he has been upset since the April convention.

Pall notes open discussion is a good thing

  1. General Membership Comments

None Heard

XVII. Adjourn

Bobrofsky moved to adjourn at 8:57pm Chandler 2nd approved on voice vote