The Michigan State Numismatic Society


Article IV of the Constitution allows the President to appoint committees.  Any MSNS member or any other person deemed to be qualified can be appointed to any committee. If you would like the MSNS Board to look into an issue or take action on your behalf, contact the Committee Chair or ask any board member for help.

Appointments by President Wostyn. The MSNS President is always a non-voting member of every committee.

Executive Committee

Steve Friedman (Chair)

Al Bobrofsky

Tom Drombrowski

James Motley

Logan Wostyn

Past Presidents

Al Bobrofsky (Chair)

Julianna Wostyn

Dr Andrew Parks

Ray Dillard

Chuck Fenwick

Kelly Finger

Richard Watts

Craig Whitford

Exhibits Committee

Frank Passic (Chair)


John Chirco (Chair)

Outreach to Local Clubs & Developement

Chuck Sharpe (Chair)


Al Bobrofsky (Chair)

Mike Strub (Editor)

James Motley (Webmaster)

Jen Strub

Convention Education

TBD (Chair)

Dealer Relations

Steve Marzilli (Chair)


James Motley (Chair)

Bill Anderson


Al Bobrofsky (Chair)

Auction Committee

     Appraisal Road Show

David Hartung (Chair)

Future Planning Committee

Al Bobrofsky  (Chair)

Personnel Committee


Logan Wostyn (Chair)

Seminar/General Education

Logan Wostyn (Chair)

YN Education

Logan  Wostyn(Chair)

David Henderson

Convention Coordinator

Logan Wostyn (Chair)

National Promotions / Relations Committee

Registration Committee

Tom Klunzinger (Chair)